Protective fluid SPF30 with blue light technology



Fluid with a high sun protection factor, SPF30. With the exclusive BLUE LIGHT TECHNOLOGY of SKEYNDOR which protects by directly blocking HEVis light rays, known as blue light. Ideal for ages and essential for a prolonged exposure to the sun. Very wide spectrum protector: UVB, UVA, HEVis and IR. Non-oily touch. Water-resistant. SKIN TYPE: For all skin types ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Blue Light Technology Ronacare® AP Crambe Maritima Extract Myo-Inostol HOW TO USE: Apply a generous amount (5 g) on the skin for each limb or for the face, and double that amount for the torso before sun exposure. Avoid contact with the eyes. Reapply frequently, particularly after sweating, bathing or towel drying.

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